Three Tips for Producing a Music Video on No Budget

The experience of being involved with a band that is starting up is a very unique one. In some ways, it is incredibly liberating, because you are not tied to anything that is suggested or insisted on by a label or executive. But in other ways, it is hugely challenging, because you do not have the money you would ideally want to produce your music and most importantly, your music videos. Unless one of the band members is incredibly wealthy and generous, you will have to make do with a shoestring budget. And here are some tips to get you through the process without a hitch.

  1. Find a Videographer Friend

If you have been a part of the music scene for many years, either as a band member or an enthusiast, you have probably made plenty of friends along the way. You probably know someone who knows a videographer, or you probably know a videographer. It does not have to be an incredibly close friend. Talk with them and figure out a time where they can help you out and produce your video. You can always pay them in a creative way if necessary!

  1. Storyboards

Having an idea and overall theme for your video is really helpful. You want to get creative and off-the-cuff during shooting, because it is often where the best art is created, but you also want to ensure your creative moments can tie into a coherent narrative. By creating pictures of every scene, everyone involved with the video will have an idea for how the final product should look. Not only does it make filming and editing easier, but it will ensure the quality of your final product is not jumbled or messy.

  1. Back Up Material

When you are on a tight budget, you do not have time to film the same scenes multiple times. If you happen to be in the editing stage of video production, make sure your video content is backed up in multiple locations. If one hard drive ends up crashing, it should not lead to you losing all the footage you spent so much time and energy creating. Even if you found a videographer friend, they are probably not going to accept your offer to shoot the same scenes again because you lost them all due to a hard drive crash! Take a safety-first approach to this matter.