How to Write your Own Music

Songwriting is one of the ways people use to express how they feel. If they can’t find the right words to say, songs are better substitutes. While listening to a song, you may have happened to have thought of wanting to write you own music. However, you just don’t know how. Well, you just have come to the right page. Here are 6 easy-to-follow steps in songwriting:


Find inspiration

Oftentimes, we patiently wait for inspiration to come. However, you should not just sit at one corner, and stare blankly into space. You should also give effort finding it. Go around, travel, and do things you have never done before. Along the way, you meet different people with various kinds of experiences. They may be in love, happy, sad, heartbroken, angry, or feeling empty. Who knows? The inspiration you are looking for may just be somewhere outside your circle.


Know what you want to write about

 If you have found the inspiration for your song, it’s easier to narrow things down as Task Exchange suggests.Take the subject of love for example. What is it about love that you want to write about? Think of one person who is so dear to you and the things you want to say to him/her. Look back to your memories together and collect happy thoughts.


Talk to people who are going through the subject of your song

The more you talk to people related to what you want to write about, the more ideas will come to you. Get other perspectives about your subject and don’t stick to yours alone.


Find your own space

 If you think you have gathered enough, look for a space where you can focus. Stay away from any form of disturbance including gadgets. Song writing is best done using paper and pen.


Try humming a melody for the song

 Whatever you feel about the subject, the melody naturally comes out. You don’t have to force it. Once you get started, it becomes easier to pull things through until the end.


Scribble lines while humming

As you go with your melody, scribble lines that perfectly fit with it. You will be surprised after a few hours, your song is ready to be heard and sung by many.

What are you waiting for? Get up and start with step 1. Steps 5 and 6 may be interchanged depending on what works for you. Unleash the songwriter within you.