About Us

As individuals who have spent many years creating music videos and other long-form video content, we felt it was only right to help others who are going to walk the same path we have traveled many times. Getting into the music and video industry, along with producing quality content at a consistent level, is never easy. There are many issues that arise in video production, from the casting to directing to the post-production, and we are well aware of those issues – having experienced them many times. Now we want to provide others with some of the tips and tricks we have learned over the years.

As you go through our site, you will notice many of our articles and guides focus on the pitfalls you should avoid when it comes to video production. While there are no set rules regarding how you should go about creating music and video content, there are definitely some things you do NOT want to do. And we hope that by reading our articles, you will be more than aware about those issues. It will ensure every single one of your videos is high quality and well-received by the wide audience that watches it.

Along with a constant flow of articles we will produce ourselves, we are also happy to receive articles and submissions from our readers and other experts who have experience with the video and music industries. Guest columns from experts we know, or those who reach out to us through our site, are a welcome addition that will add a different type of voice to our site. And since everyone has different experiences and ways of producing video, we hope they will provide our readers with an even better insight into how these industries operate. If you have any question about our content, feel free to contact us through our site at any time.